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Being the Cheapo that I am I decided to make my own Quick Change Tool Post. I figured if it didn't work very well then I'd chaulk it up to a learning experience ;) Turns out it works really well!

Here's a video of something I worked out with the Parallax Propeller driving a stepper motor

Here's a video I made showing how I go about testing a stepper motor and determine which wires are what with an unknown motor

Here's my first official project with my new Mill Drill Lathe - I wanted to make my own live center - so here are some pics!

Yes - a new category for another hobby - I keep telling myself that it will all come around full circle one of these days!

My new friend Bob found the site via the web and contacted me about making some roses for the jewelry box he was making for his wife, so here they are!

Here's a custom 3D piece that I modeled, programmed, and milled - Pictures and Video! :)

I was thinking about making my own linear rails and started looking into how they actually make them. One thing I saw was using a Blanchard Grinder to precision grind steel into a rail.

I ordered some anti-backlash nuts from Dumpster CNC and started working on making some brackets and get them installed.

My good friend Chanda Brae - from Baby Rock Photography, needed a lemonade stand prop to use with her baby photo shoots - so I made one :)


When I was designing my "Ultimate Workbench" I had initially wanted to build in a router table - but then I got to thinking that I already have a router table in my CNC machine! I just needed a way to manually run boards if I wanted to - and here's how I built the manual router table for my CNC machine


Workshop projects are for stuff in the garage (CNC, Reprap, woodworking, metalworking, electronics, metal casting, etc...)

These are my posts about my CNC hobby, now to include my new Reprap 3d Printer :)

These are my electronics projects, working with the Parallax Propellor, Arduino, stepper motors, you name it!

Here are some of my Metalworking projects, probably with my Enco 3-in-1 Mill / Drill / Lathe

Here are some of my woodworking projects using my Shopsmith Mark VII and other various woodworking tools

Here are some of my adventures in casting aluminum with my homemade foundry