First off - I've never considered myself an engineer - I'm a hack at best LOL but the website EEWEB contacted me about doing an interview, and while I think that I'm insulting the previous - real life engineers, I decided to do it :) Here's a link to the interview and you should check out the website there - tons of good stuff!

What else is going on in the workshop? not a whole lot lately - I've been making some hobbed bolts and selling them on ebay and making some more movie props (can't disclose what just yet) :) and I have been working a lot on the computer trying to further grasp the MVC framework development in C# - so I haven't been in the garage a whole lot really.

What's on my radar? I want to make a homemade DIY MIDI foot pedal - I checked a few out and they are way too expensive for a cheapo like me, so I'm going to make my own - This project will probably involve everything I have (CNC, electronics, microcontrollers, etc) so it'll be a nice project and I'll make sure to document it all and take lots of pictures! :)