Time flies when you're forgetting to update your blog ;)

Well it's August and last update I mentioned my router bearings going in my CNC router, so I've gotten a new router and I am back up and running with a few jobs behind me. Although the new router I got makes more noise than the last one, I think the bearings are already on their way out! So I ordered replacement bearings for my orginal one and I'm going to try my hand at swapping them out.

In other news I am making my own bearing guides for my bandsaw - I was looking around for some and they are just way too expensive at Rockler or Woodcraft - I mean $170 for some bearings? Ridiculous! So I'll be making my own - I already have a ton of bearings and with all the machinery I have it should be a piece of cake :) I will post an article when I am done! I need to start making some Christmas presents and I need my bandsaw cutting straight for some of the ideas I have.

I also am starting work on some Holloween animatronic ideas - no full blown robots (yet) but some stuff that should be pretty cool - again I will post up pictures when I am done :)

Ok that's it - stay tuned!